Carrie LaPorte

To see my dear friend making her entertainment steer dream come true has been truly heart-warming. Kimberly¿s dedication to her Boyz is an inspiration, and the connection she can make with them and share with the rest of us is a gift. I was there the day Dozer was born and have watched his rearing and training over the past few years. What a unique and wonderful experience it has been for me!!! His eagerness to please and willingness to learn continues to amaze me. He¿s got a sweet temperament and remains calm even in chaotic situations around crowds and kids. At home in the pasture, he¿s similar to a big dog in many ways, following Kimberly around and doing tricks for treats. From a little calf he¿s been interested in people and took right away to being handled, moved easily into being ground driven, and now is fun to ride. The day Jazzy arrived in Newcastle this year, to be honest, I was worried about his horns. But over the last 6 months, I have seen that he too is a calm, gentle, and obedient steer with lots of potential. Now I¿m curious about his horns instead of concerned, and am enjoying watching them grow! It¿s a joy to see Kimberly teach him to be ground driven and get him ready to be ridden next year. Anyone who is around these steers can feel their affection toward people. It¿s a extraordinary experience I highly recommend!


Dave Canoy

Kimberly brought Dozer over to our house to desensitize our horses to cows. She had a lot of patience and everthing worked well.


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Chris Hebard-Summers

Being a farm girl I did'nt really understand the draw of seeing a steer up close. But, after observing Kimberly and the boyz at several local events I am sold on this unique experience. Watching the faces of people who have never seen a steer up close is absolutely amazing.....and these steers are gentle and very well trained.

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Lisa Bradley

I had the opportunity to work with and help train Dozer. He is a wonderful, gentle boy and smart too. I have trained all kinds of horses - different breeds and styles and this was my first steer. Thanks Kimberly for the experience! Hope Jazzy turns out to be as nice as Dozer. Keep in touch. Lisa Bradley

Susan Giles
I love seeing Dozer and Jazzy around town during special events. We are fortunate to have them living nearby, and they really are gentle giants!

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JoAnna Anguiano

What an Experience! I had the privilege of visiting Kimberly and her trained riding steers and it really was an experience of a lifetime. I wasn't sure what to expect as most of my experience is with horses, but after seeing these gentle giants it really was a "bovadigm shift" as Kimberly calls it. I have seen pictures of trained riding steers before and always wondered how and why they choose to ride cattle, but after seeing how sweet, well behaved, and calm both Dozer and Jazzy were it answered my questions. I have to admit i was concerned about those large horns of Jazzy's too, but after seeing how respectful he was i felt completely safe around both bovines. It was amazing to see how smart they were and what a great relationship they have for Kimberley, they really do aim to please and both have wonderful and different personalities. These amazing steers are fun to be around and to watch and you just cant beat the view from the back of a bovine, This truly is an experience everyone should try! Thank you so much Kimberly and the Moo Boyz for a wonderful experience.