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"Howdy Moothese gentle saddle steers are my pets. We live on a ranchette tucked away in a little town called Newcastle, CA. When Jazzy and Dozer are not roaming free, we love going on local trail rides, parades and other fun events, where new friends are eager to pet and enjoy them.

Cowboy Jazz (*Premier Longhorns All That Jazz) is a true Texas Longhorn , saddle broke and trained as a trail riding steer. Because of his gentleness and intelligence, he has worked at a variety of special events. He was specially bred by one of  the finest breeders of TX Longhorns, Premier Longhorns, for his color, temperament and his horn growth.  He is now 4 1/2, and his horns are over 60" Tip to Tip.  They are projected to be beyond 70" TTT when he is fully mature at 6 yrs old. We are all excited about growing with Jazzy's horns! 

Please check out Premier Longhorns' website:

Dozer (*Happy Dream Dozer), the Irish Dexter, is my first  pleasure riding steer! He has been in parades, visited schools, senior care facilities, parties, civic holidays and western theme events. Dozer was born to our milk cow, and has been a part of our family since he dropped onto the ground. Even though he is smaller than Jazzy and does not have horns, he is a year older and established his pasture dominance the day yearling Jazzy arrived from Oklahoma. It is quite a sight to see that little fella bossing the big longhorn around the pasture. Jazzy willing concedes to Dozer's authority, even though he knows what he is packing. (on his!)

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Dozer shows off by bowing for a bovine cookie. Kimberly has a cookie behind her back and Carrie is assisting.
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Kimberly Henson
Owner & Trainer

9430 Powerhouse Road
Newcastle, CA 95658